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Any of the topics below can be combined and customized based on:
• Number of Sessions – from one seminar to a series of sessions, pieces of a longer online residency, to longer engagement as coach/consultant
• Group size, age, and context (congregational study group, clergy-team, ritual committee, educators, soloists, individuals, to name a few)
• Cohort potential: Ability to save funds by combining your study with other people or synagogue teams from across the country.


For Congregations


The Glamour in the Grammar
Unpacking the prayers for relevant interpretation. How can one go beneath the words of the siddur and uncover relevant truths for today's world? Using the Hebrew structure and themes of the Liturgy to bring new life to the ancient words.


The Unique Role of Music in Communal Worship
Understanding what goes into the selection of appropriate repertoire for communal worship, and how can it be customized to fit each individual congregation. We’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the power of music within prayer, and why we can be so un-nerved when a new melody is introduced.
• Music as Midrash – How does our music help to deepen our understanding of the liturgy?
• Music as Theology – What does our music tell us about G?d?


What’s God Got to Do With It: Can I pray if I Don’t Believe?
The answer is yes. A no-pressure non-theological approach to the siddur.


For Prayer Leaders


Prayer as Practice
• Exploring the deep truths and inspiration of the liturgy, and allowing them to influence our daily lives and the lives of those around us.
• The role of the shaliach tzibbur – how does one both facilitate and get out of the way at the same time?
• Removing stumbling blocks for oneself and for one’s congregants
• Facilitating communal worship effectively and creatively to change the worshipper and the world.
• Examining the concept of “success” as it relates to the worship experience.


Talking about Worship: How to Articulate a Vision for Communal Prayer with Colleagues and Congregants


Crafting Worship that Works
• Vision, ownership, flow, engagement, depth, impact.
• Tools and techniques designed for mindful choices in repertoire and liturgy
• Building relationships with and amongst the worshippers
• Broadening one’s horizons vis a vis the definition of prayer
• Empowering congregants to take responsibility for their own prayer experience.


The Role of the Shaliach Tzibbur
Just who in heavens’ name do we think we are, and what on earth are we trying to do?
Exploring and articulating one’s own perspectives on the act of prayer, the efficacy of congregational worship, theology, and our personal and evolving relationship with the words of the siddur.


Tachlis Tools and Techniques for Facilitating Communal Worship
• Choosing the right repertoire for your community
• Introducing new music in the context of worship
• Creating spontaneous/creative/interactive prayer moments thru music, movement, and more
• Navigating new music, transitions, creating deep musical moments, empowering congregants, using the choir, empowering the congregational voice.


Contemporary Liturgical Repertoire: Elana Arian, Noah Aronson, Eliana Light, Chava Mirel, Dan Nichols, and more.
Expand your repertoire, improve your instrumental skills, and increase your capacity to integrate new tunes seamlessly into communal worship


I am also trained as a Spiritual Director/Companion for groups or individuals.
Do you have other ideas about what you’d like to study?

Feel free to contact me.


Thanks to Rick Recht/Songleader Bootcamp, the American Conference of Cantors, and Rabbi Mike Comins/Making Prayer Real, you can get a taste of Cantor Dreskin's thoughts and teachings on video. 

Words to Describe God
Aleinu L'Shabei'ach
Psalm 150: Every Breath You Take!
The Glamour in the Grammer
Friday Night Candle Lighting
Prayer as Practice
Waking up Gratefully
I Use it All the Time
Aleinu - Praise & Responsibility

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